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National Fitness Awards 2019 Winner Group Exercise Classes

Athletic & Rig

For a more natural style of training, we've got plenty of functional equipment that can really help with your daily life.


Prepare to Sweat, The purpose behind this class is to work on you & your engine, challenging you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. If you are working with weights all week and simply want to feel the burn then come and join us for 45min class under a controlled pace with a lot of work and little rest. The class structure is designed to be competitive and will require an aspect of team work to succeed!


Get Fit Fast – Change up your workout with a high intensity run class. Expect Intervals with a high heart rate combing floor work. Maintain performance at high levels of intensity/work rate. The concept combines moderate resistance with full use of a treadmill.


HIIT Step is a NEW and innovative 30 minute HIIT exercise class using only bodyweight and a step. Using the principles of High Intensity Interval, Training, this class is choreographed to bespoke soundtracks created by some of the UK’s top House DJs, HIIT Step is a high energy class that pushes you to new limits.


The class that fills you with dread as you know it will be intense. Short but sweet bodyweight class, you know it gives you the guaranteed results. A total heart pumping, aerobic and endurance interval training workout!

We Move

An exhilarating dance, cardio class to chart hits (pop, club, hip hop) as well as Latin & Motown classics. It uses easy-to-follow moves combining fast & slow rhythms to tone and sculpt your body whilst burning fat.

Mind & Body

Close your eyes, de-stress and refresh. You’ll leave these classes with a new energy and a positive mental attitude.

Whether you’re here to improve your flexibility & core strength, to help overcome an injury or even to relax after a busy day, this particular range of YourGym classes are the ones for you!


Range Of Movement Class to gain mobility for strength lifting, flexibility and balance. Treat your body right you only have one. Helping improve range of movement.

Forever Fit

Designed at people 50+ years based around
movement and stretching to enhance longevity, plus allow you to feel great and youthful.


Combing strengthening the muscles with relaxation; they lighten the load on your spine and joints correcting muscular imbalances caused by bad posture & tension. Increasing strength, flexibility and mobility along with physical and mental awareness.


Ballet inspired movements help create that one lean body. Conditioning and core is the focus with strength & conditioning.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha is a similar style to vinyasa but less dynamic with stretches being held for longer allowing for more stretching

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow paced style holding poses between 1-5 minutes. It stretches and targets both the deep connective tissues between the muscles, and the fascia throughout the body. The aim is to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility

Strength & Conditioning​

Strong mind. Strong body. This range of classes uses weights and resistance training to improve strength, power and co-ordination.

They maximise your performance and fitness levels to prepare you for any physical challenge or activity!


Develop your ability to maintain a performance at a high level of intensity/work rate. The class will involve moderate to heavy resistance, explosive movement patterns and equal work/rest ratios. You may find this a challenging class but if you want to learn as well as get the class experience then this is for you!


Want variety in your workouts? Then welcome to Rig45! A outside class that is designed to take place in our functional training rig & floor space  – working on a purpose built piece of a equipment this is a class you won’t find anywhere else!


Time to take your lower body to the next level. Thunder is the next stage of total lower body development to make sure you reach all your goals to keep heads turning. We’ll hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave.


Well if you think this is all about lying on the floor then you’re incorrect! Your Core is designed to strengthen and tighten those midline muscles using body weight and weighted exercises.


A class using bars, dumbbells and plates alternating with lower body and upper body exercises. If you’re used to just going to the gym and lifting weights with low reps then come see how you survive high reps limited rest – change up that routine!

Studio Cycle

You'll need motivation, determination and a whole heap of endorphins. These intense cycling workouts push you to do better each time.

They're a high calorie-burn workout with energetic music and vibrant instructors. We are in this together!


Expect a theme with out high intensity cycling workouts with limited intervals. A class that gets your body warmed up as soon as your butt hits that seat – but don’t be expecting to sit down for long!


A great cardio  spin workout incorporating hill climbs and sprints! Designed to improve endurance and fitness to ensure that you leave with that feel good factor!


Come to a class of the unknown! Get pushed to your limits and challenge yourself. Work hard, sweat even harder. Build your fitness and feel the burn whilst sweating it out to the hottest beats around.

Go Tri

For the next few months here at YG we will be giving you the opportunity to dip your toe in the water with triathlon – initially we are offering you the chance to train on the indoor bike using power and then experience what it feels like to get off the bike and go straight into a run – these sessions will take things back to basics and are designed to help you taking your first steps into what is possibly the fastest growing mass participation sport in the land our experts will be on hand to answer your question and guide you through these first steps

Bike & Run

Come and join us for this lung busting bike and run session designed to improve your vo2 max and improve your ability to transition from one discipline to another.

Skill Athletic


Forget about Reps. Boost will challenge your ability to last as long as possible. Completed in teams, you will be supported by your community. Most of the fun is working hard in a team setting on the Skill – Floor! We Jump, We Run, We Row, We Step Up, We Move & of course WE SWEAT! Improved stamina & agility are the results of a BOOST Class!

Class Time: 45mins. 


Speed Training – Get In & Get out. Fast Class is a class to maximise your performance by taking on agility drills and quick transitions from going to one exercise to another. Short but intense, Fast is dedicated to the improvement of speed and the ability to increase your fitness levels. 
Class Time: 35 mins. 


Centered on Olympic training, Mighty utilizes explosive weightlifting & sports conditioning to edge you closer to your goals. Get comfortable and learn to Power Clean, Dumbbell snatch, thrusters and many more new Olympic movements and lifts as work towards overall power development. Walk away out the class feeling good and with the knowledge of taking away a new skill. 
Class Time: 50mins. 


Speed Training – Get In & Get out. Fast Class is a class to maximise your performance by taking on agility drills and quick transitions from going to one exercise to another. Short but intense, Fast is dedicated to the improvement of speed and the ability to increase your fitness levels. 
Class Time: 35 mins. 
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