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Skill Athletics classes are now available here at YG. Made up of the 4 pillars (stamina, power, agility and speed) skill athletic classes provide the ultimate training experience to build your sporting power. Classes have been scientifically and safely created to honor your body while forging champions and expanding your fitness potential. 

Skill Athletic classes are available only for YourGym members. Platinum members gain unlimited access to classes included within the membership. For all other members Skill Athletic classes can be purchased additionally below or via the YG app.

Total body performance

BOOST challenges the basic abilities of power and stamina achieving enhanced body awareness that will aid in weight loss with high caloric expenditure. Focus on how long you can go without stopping.  

Develop mental/ body toughness

BRAVE tests one’s physical and mental strength using medium/high intensity exercises. The different levels of intensities, both in the weights and in the cardio equipment, can be used relative to your abilities.

Improve weight lifting

MIGHTY here you master your body, requiring explosiveness to impart great strength in the shortest time possible. Improve your ability to pull, push or lift the equivalent of your body weight using key Olympic weightlifting lifts. 

Maximise your momentum

FAST uses speed training and agility drills that sprinters and every athlete run through to maximise performance. Reach new limits of speed and improve your mental and physical coordination and readiness. 


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